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  • Signage Design Northern Ireland

MTEC graphics Magherafelt offer a full in house signage design and production service with a team on creative thinkers recognised across the Uk and Ireland as innovators in the field of graphic and signage design. Building on our in depth knowledge of signage and display graphics our team of highly skilled designers can deliver a signage solution from initial concept to finished reality. From internal to external, architectural to vehicle livery or long and short term signage we have the experience and capability to meet your needs.

Working with the latest software and materials our team will liaise directly with the client or with your design team to create your perfect and impactful solution. All of our design team are experienced signage fitters and have in depth knowledge of the best material choices required to create the desired solution.

Image is everything

MTEC Graphics are highly experienced in producing signage for all purposes, including:
Exhibition banners & stands | exterior and interior signage | Banners | Vehicle livery | Wall art

Specifying your Job – The Design Process

At MTEC graphics we believe that the key to success with signage is in the creation of a solid, clear brief. It really important to take the time to provide a clear brief to allow us the ability to see all of the relevant information, choose the correct design to achieve your goal, specify adequate materials and effectively schedule production to meet your deadlines.

Begin with the finish line not the finished product– you should always focus on what it is you would like to achieve from your project (eg: increased brand awareness, sales of a specific product etc) and not what you want it to look like or be. Time after time here at MTEC graphics we have been able to help our clients with our vast experience to better achieve their goal by focusing on the purpose of the project itself.

We understand that most companies are not versed in specifying design and can find the whole project quite daunting. So with our experience of thousands of briefs – good and bad – we have created a key a list of 10 top tips that can help you get your brief together in no time and enjoy the rewards a brilliant brief will give you.

1. A clear and realistic deadline

It sounds so simple but Like all businesses, MTEC graphics need to know what schedule we are working to – do you need the signs tomorrow or in 3 months time? This allows us to plan production to ensure that your needs are met. Think also that at key times of the year all businesses are thinking about the next big event so try to plan ahead to anticipate peaks in workflow.

2. Include your budget

This is vital. Don't be afraid to talk about money! Without specifying a budget our design team at MTEC graphics won’t know whether you can afford to be innovative, need a premium solution or are shopping at the value end of the market. The great design team at MTEC graphics will always be able to come up with a solution that fits your budget… but only if you tell them what it is! We can achieve great results by using different material choices and production techniques so get in contact today to discuss your needs.

3. Share your brand guidelines

There’s nothing more frustrating than a supplier using the wrong colour for a logo or an incorrect font. At MTEC graphics we are firm believers in the strength of a brand and the key to any good brand is continuity. If you’ve got brand guidelines – even if they haven’t specifically been written for signage suppliers – share them for reference.

If the previous paragraph makes you wonder is this website even in english... don't panic. Every one wants to get this right but we also know that in small to medium businesses the brand or logo can be something that is a little more fluid – changing with time and application.

At MTEC graphics we are experts in branding and we can advise you on the best way to implement your brand. We can work with you to find your specific brand style and colours which you can apply going forward.

Not got a brand? Or a logo?

This is not an issue – MTEC graphics work with the best in the business to deliver effective and eye catching brands which will deliver your message. Simply get in touch to discuss your needs.

4. Include any specific imagery you want to use

If you have a set of images to use with your signage make sure you share it in as high a resolution as possible. This can be a photo shoot or supplier marketing material. Resolution is very important because the lower the resolution the file – the more difficult it is to create a high quality finished product.

Images taken from websites and social media are rarely suitable for large scale print so be careful – a rule of thumb is that the bigger the file size the better the image so Mb is better than Kb! Check out our image supply guide for more information.

5. Be clear on the location

MTEC Graphics will base our quotation to a large degree by the location of the signage. The difficulty with which the location can be accessed has a bearing on the people & equipment required to install for example. The easier you can provide access or prepare the area for signage the easier it is for us to install and this will have a bearing on the end price. This is also true for vehicle signage where preparation is key. Check our our guide for vehicle preparation here.

6. Use the correct sizes

It seems so simple but it often gets forgotten in all of the technical and creative guidance that comes with a brief. Letting our design team know what size you need the signs to be will save time & effort further down the line. Clear instructions in mm – include photographs or drawings where possible help us ensure that everything is as accurate as possible.

7. Tell our team how long you need the signage up for

There are varying degrees of materials in the world of vinyl graphics and digital print and it ranges based on length of time and environment. If you only need a temporary solution, the material our design team bases their estimate on will be different to if you’re looking for a semi-permanent fixture. Temperature and environment also play a role on weather an installation requires a protective lamination or a stronger substrate to ensure it survives the elements

Sharing this detail up front will save any nasty surprises later on.

8. Set your required quality level

As with your budget, if the materials need to be of a particular quality it’s important that our design team know your requirements before starting work. A budget sign in a premium location can do untold damage to the perception & image of the location but a premium sign in a budget scenario limits your budget for effective marketing going forward.

9. Let our team know any special requirements

Our design team are often required to work through the night or on sites with particular accessibility requirements specific to the job in hand, frequently having to go on site and install when the business is closed. Knowing this information within the brief will allow our team to put the right personnel on the job and bring any special equipment they need with them first time.

10. Include contact details for your project manager

Our design team will undoubtedly have questions and need further input from you, so include the contact details of the project manager so that lines of communication are open from the get-go. Having one point of contact is essential to ensure the project is carried out properly.

What happens next?

Our team will be in touch to discuss your brief and to address any questions your may have.

From this we will produce a design proof and a costing estimate – This will be a computer generated draft of your project. At this point you will proof for spelling and accuracy, this will also be the point at which you can confirm materials and produce a colour proof if necessary. You have the opportunity to make any minor corrections to the design.

Once you are happy we will sign off the proof for production and deliver a production schedule. From this we will manufacture and install the project to the time schedule stated. Any design changes made after sign off may incur additional charges due to remanufacturing costs.